10 Kalki Koechlin-Approved Ways To Style Your Pixie Cut

Committing to short hair like the pixie cut is a huge deal! You have to be all in for it or not take the trip at all. Of course, there are many benefits of donning short hair. You instantly look cool and at times even younger than your natural age. But in popular opinion, it’s difficult to switch your look once you go pixie. Length gives you more freedom to mix things up and try different hairstyles and that’s not possible with short hair. Well, Kalki Koechlin is popping the bubble and terming this to be a myth.

She is experimenting with her pixie cut and showing us different ways to sport it like a pro. Also, the fact that all her hairstyles are in sync with her outfits make them complete looks without the feeling of being amiss. So, if you think that short hair works only with certain kind of outfits then let Kalki prove you wrong. Here are the different ways in which she has styled her pixie cut:

1. The Sleek Side-Part

2. The Slight Spikes

3. A Set Wet Look

4. The Tousled Look

5. The Preppy Look

6. Clear Fringes

7. Simple Metal Hoop Hairband

8. Vintage Waves

9. The Formal Flair

10. The Wind-In-My-Hair Look

Well, we didn’t expect ten different looks from Kalki’s pixie cut! Now, how cool is that? Are you inspired to go short now with these pictures? Summer is almost here, and so it might be a good time for a cool short hair cut like this one!

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