12 Punjabi Songs That Are Ripping All The Charts Apart RN

Listening to songs on a bad day can be the easiest go-to therapy we need, right? When it comes to music, there are so many genres for every mood and vibe. But there is one such type that just fits perfectly for any and every situation. And that, my friend, are the Punjabi songs. If you’re someone who doesn’t quite enjoy dancing, you’ll still find yourself grooving or tapping your feet in rhythm, while listening to a Punjabi song for sure. If you have been missing out on this feeling, brace yourselves as you’re about to go on a fun-filled ride of nonstop music. Punjabi music, to be precise. In no particular order, these are the songs that are all the rage RN.

1. Lamberghini 

2. Illegal Weapon

3. Yeah Baby Refix

4. Daru Badnaam

5. Baddal

6. Sakhiyaan

7. Kya Baat Ay

8. Putt Jatt Da

9. Nikle Currant

10. Snapchat Story

11. Ishare Tere

12. I Am Urban Desi

Which of these songs will you listen to on repeat? Let us know in the comments below.

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