5 Drinks That Won’t Give You A Hangover The Next Morning

Hangovers can really drag you to a point where you make a pact with yourself that you will never drink again. We have all been there, right? But of course, that pact never lasted very long. Nevertheless, hangovers can make you feel dull, achy and just ruin your day. So, we thought we needed to find a way to get the best of both worlds. And so, even though a lot of us don’t really quit drinking, for this reason, it could be a win-win situation if we could switch to having those typa drinks that wouldn’t give us a hangover. Which is why here is a specially curated list of some cool drinks that will let you party all night but not linger around with a bad hangover the next day.

1. Beer

Craft Beer | Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Who doesn’t love a chilled beer? A couple pints could get you happy tipsy, chugging three to four more will get you drunk and adding some more could get you really high. Even then, when you wake up the next morning, you will not be welcomed with a headache or a hangover. You’ll be completely normal and ready to kick start the day just like any other day. Sounds like a good deal to me!

2. Vodka Sprite

Vodka Sprite By grafvision | www.shutterstock.com

It is honestly one of my favourite drinks to have when I am out partying with my friends. The taste won’t make you wanna throw up and sneakily pour the rest of your drink in your friend’s glass. In fact, it is said that sprite metabolises the negative chemicals found in alcohol and reduces your hangover. Now I understand why I don’t feel like killing myself the next morning while my friends are dying with their hangovers!

3. Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonic By Marian Weyo | www.shutterstock.com

If you thought it was an old man’s drink, you’re wrong, buddy! They are actually quite refreshing to sip on. Also, if you weren’t aware, tonic water is basically just bubbly water. So technically, what you’re drinking is a watered down shot, which really isn’t a bad thing to do if you want to escape hangovers.

4. Champagne

Champagne | www.shutterstock.com

Don’t be deceived by the taste and looks of it, just a couple of glasses could get you buzzed. Apart from being a classy and oh-so-tasty drink, this one too will not let the hangover creep up on you when you wake up the next day.

5. Vodka & Gatorade

Vodka & Gatorade By Rimma Bondarenko | www.shutterstock.com

Talk about balance! Gatorade hydrates you and alcohol pretty much dehydrates you. So, mixing Gatorade in your vodka may not sound as classy as having champagne, but hey, the taste is good and you won’t be slapped in the face with a hangover. I don’t see any problem with this drink!

So, the next time you’re out drinking, try one of these and let us know if it worked for you too. And if you’ve been doing this already, let us know about your experiences in the comments below.

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