5 Reasons Why Forgiving People Is Essential To A Happy Life

Holding on to a grudge and being angry with someone can only get you so far. At some point or the other, it’s essential to realise that you need to let go of all that pain and resentment. Believe me when I say that it’s a lot easier said than done. Forgiving people isn’t something that comes easily to us. It’s something that we need to learn how to do and it often takes time. From my experience, holding on to the hate and anger only ends up pulling you down. It doesn’t really do much to change your situation or your feelings. So why hold onto something that anchors you down? While forgive and forget is a really tough thing to do, here are 5 reasons why you should still consider doing it!

1. Allows you to begin healing.

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When people hurt you, especially your loved ones, it’s something that can almost break you. Holding on to the resentment and anger only prevents you from moving past it. It’s essential to remember that forgiving someone isn’t a sign of telling them it’s okay, it’s more about you putting the pain behind you. Forgiving doesn’t have to mean allowing a person back into your life. It does, however, allow you to let go of them, the pain they caused and most importantly, allows you to begin moving forward.

2. Brings about a sense of peace and calm.

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Holding onto things and not letting them go can create a lot of turmoil inside your head and heart. Coming to terms with things and allowing yourself to forgive a person has a way of clearing your mind. It removes the need to focus all your energy on the hurt and allows you to channel that towards something better. Most importantly, it brings about a peace of mind and makes you feel a lot happier and lighter.

3. Makes you more compassionate towards yourself.

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Forgiving someone allows you to focus your energy on yourself. This, in turn, allows you to introspect and heal yourself from all the pain and hurt you feel. During this process, you begin to realise that letting go of things and moving forward is the best thing to do. It makes you more compassionate towards your situation, your emotions and most importantly, your needs.

4. Allows you to expand your perspective and learn.

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Life is all about learning from your mistakes and then moving forward. Sometimes, those mistakes don’t necessarily need to be yours. By forgiving someone, you’re able to look past the pain and hurt that they caused you. It allows you to look at the circumstances and situation from a more objective point of view. This, in turn, allows you to learn from the mistakes made and also helps you be more careful going forward.

5. Allows you to look forward and embrace the future.

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Holding on to the pain and resentment towards someone who hurt you, is like holding on to the past. While it’s not the easiest thing to do, forgiving them and putting it behind you is one of the only ways to find peace and move forward. While it’s difficult not to be hardened by the experience, forgiving and forgetting allows you to leave it behind and also opens up space for you to concentrate on your future.

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