7 Signs To Identify Depression

Very often, we seem to forget just how serious a problem depression really is. Sadly, we’ve trivialised something extremely serious into something that can be categorised and written off as a bad day. Depression is much more complicated and requires attention as soon as possible. When it comes to identifying the signs of it, there are some specific symptoms that could help you determine and distinguish between normal everyday sadness and depression. Here are a few of the signs.

1. Negative & Hopeless Outlook Towards Life

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One of the most common symptoms of depression is a  loss of interest and hope towards their lives. People suffering from depression start to form a hopeless and helpless outlook towards their life. They also tend to have a sense of worthlessness, self-loathing and often times blame themselves for things out of their control. All these feelings, when internalised, start to drive a person to an edge because they feel completely hopeless and this, in turn, leads to suicidal thoughts and if left unchecked, can lead into a major downward spiral.

2. Sleeping Problems & Increased Fatigue

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People who suffer from depression stop enjoying things that much and become much more recluse because often times, they are just too tired. Depression is often linked to insomnia and sometimes, also works the other way around, where a person sleeps excessively. It starts out with feeling fatigued from time to time and before you know, the sense of being tired becomes overwhelming. The laziness starts making you feel useless and eventually, you start losing hope.

3. Constant Mood Swings

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Another common sign that could help you identify depression is mood swings. People who are suffering from depression often go to polarising extremes when it comes to their emotions. One minute they are happy and joyous and the next, completely out of it or angry. There is nothing obvious that could have prompted this change in emotions. It’s like a constant roller coaster and they just can’t help it because to them, it’s something they probably don’t notice as much as others.

4. Constant Loss Of Interest & Inability To Focus

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People suffering from depression have a lack of interest in everything. What was once considered fun, now feels like a task. When they do find something they wish to do, it is extremely hard for them to focus or concentrate on it. Their heads feel like it’s going to explode because it’s really loud and filled with thoughts. This prevents them from being able to take up things. You also tend to turn into a bit of a recluse and start avoiding people and conversations.

5. Anxiety

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So it’s important to know that in most cases, depression isn’t the cause of anxiety. However, depression and anxiety often do occur together. Anxious people may not be depressed all the time but a person who is struggling with depression may have more anxiety about things. The slightest thing can trigger off their anxiety and that in turn leads to uncontrollable thoughts.

6. Fluctuation In Appetite & Weight

People who suffer from depression often have a fluctuating appetite. That being said, each person experiences this in different ways. While some tend to gain weight due to excessive eating, others lose weight because they don’t feel like eating. It is important to note that dietary changes that are intentional, are not because of depression.

7. Noticeable Change In Personality

Depression takes a toll on a person who is dealing with it. While many of us may seem oblivious to this affects it has on a person, if you look carefully, you will begin the notice the changes. While it may start off small, in time, the changes become quite drastic. Usually, depression may have a polarising effect on a person’s personality. Since they spend a lot of time dealing with things in their mind, they tend to start cutting off from people around them. They begin to go into a shell and overall carry around an extremely negative attitude. If you see someone’s personality drastically change, it could be a sign that they are struggling with depression.

It’s important to realise that if you think you or someone might be going through these symptoms, you should think about talking to someone about it. We all live very fast-paced lives and often times, shrug off these issues as small or insignificant. We don’t realise how quickly these things build up and before you know it, you find yourself stuck in a dark place. It is essential that you know it’s okay to talk about such things. If you find yourself spiralling out of control, reach out for help. Always talk about it!


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