7 Ways You Can Prevent Your Clothes From Running Color When Washing Them

Oh, the hardships of doing laundry! It’s always tricky to figure out which piece would bleed out and which piece would be the victim of it. We’ve all faced the wrath of this particular problem at least once in our lives and can easily say that there exists no greater pain than this. So, to make your life easy-peasy and save your hard-earned money, allow me to bless your day with some laundry hacks. Hacks, that will help you show your clothes who the real boss is and learn to obey you!

1. Vinegar

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You probably already have it in your kitchen, if not, you can easily buy it from any general store. While rinsing, add a cup of vinegar to the cycle to help keep the colors intact.

2. Salt

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Also readily available and quick to find in your household. Add half cuppa salt while washing and it’ll work it’s magic! Add the half cup of salt when you are running a load of laundry and you should be good to go!

3. Cold Water

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Before adding potential colour-bleeding clothing to the wash cycle, soak and leave them separately in cold water for about 15 minutes with a cup of salt, rinse with fresh cold water and wash like usual.

4. Colour-Catcher Sheets

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These are sheets that trap excess dyes to prevent colour from running during the wash cycle. Add the sheets to your laundry and let it do its job.

5. Dye Fixative

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If you cannot find colour-catcher sheets accessibly near you, there are dye fixatives readily available everywhere. Add it as per instructions to save your favourite white shirt from turning pink!

6. Inside Out

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Turn your clothes inside out while washing as well as drying. This helps in preserving the piece from a lot of wear and tear.

7. Don’t Overdry

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Overdrying causes the fabric to fade out and ruins the look and feel of it. Make sure you don’t forget to collect the clothes you put to dry off for days as I do!

Now that you’ve read all the hacks, I want to tell you that you might have 99 problems, but laundry won’t be one. Have a happy, safe and tearless laundry time!

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