Bigg Boss 12 Day 8 Recap: The Khan Sisters Fight With Kriti & Roshmi Over Nominations

Every day in the Bigg Boss house brings out a different avatar of the housemates but this one saw an actual transformation. Sreesanth and Deepak Thakur seem to be bonding well and it was the former who spent close to an hour on giving the latter a new hairstyle. And we must say it doesn’t look bad, doesn’t look bad at all. But they are not the only ones bonding in the house, Shivashish and Kriti also seem to be getting quite close. Is that romance we see budding?!

On the other hand, Saba Khan, Somi Khan and Jasleen Matharu are seen taunting Urvashi Vani over her playing a victim and accusing Somi of foul play to save herself from the nominations. This manages to turn all the jodis agaisnt Urvashi and leads Deepak & her having to explain to Kriti that Vani resorted to shouting only when she wasn’t allowed to speak. The tension seems to be getting to the Khan sisters as well and both are seen having a spat as Saba tries to tell Somi she be portrayed in a negative light because of the last task to which Somi tells Saba to mind her own business.

Dipika  Kakkar and Neha Pendse are seen discussing the jodis and how they turn the game into a war. The girls in the singles team seem to be convinced that the headcount of jodis need be brought down as they are a larger group. While they are ahaving an intense discussion, Roshmi Banik seems to slip into the pool and as Shivashish moves closer to make fun of her, Kriti pushes him in the pool too. They’re all seen laughing until Kriti describes the whole incident to the housemates sitting inside and the Khan sisters point out that the mic might be damaged because of it. Kriti is later seen crying over her the housemates’ reaction to her prank as she is the captain of the house. Karanvir and Shivashish console her. She also goes up to Shivashish to apologise to him again and they start talking secretly near the pool area.

Remember the budding romance we mentioned? That’s it, right there!

Day 8 begins with the song, Tip Tip Barsa Pani and once again, Bigg Boss manages to taunt the housemates for the pool incident last evening. Later, Jasleen, Dipka and Neha are seen discussing kitchen duties and Dipika is of the opinion that whoever takes over kitchen duty should do so wholeheartedly.

In the middle of a conversation, Anup Jalota sings the Jo Tumko Ho Pasand Wohi Baat Karenge which leaves Jasleen blushing. She is then seen complaining about Dipika’s bossy behaviour and thanks God that she wasn’t made the captain. Talking about captains, the present ones lose their privileges of being safe during nominations after Bigg Boss shows the contestants a video of them not following rules and talking in English, not wearing a mic etc.

The Khan sisters take this as a chance to question Kriti’s behaviour and capabilities as a captain as they are sour over them not being made into captains. The trio is seen arguing where Kriti tells them they’re not at a level where she can talk to them. Jasleen, Saba and Somi continue discussing Kriti’s behaviour while Kriti is seen asking Karanvir for help to keep her safe during nominations.

The nominations this week had a spooky effect. The graveyard setup came with instructions for the housemates to nominate two people and drop the wax statues in boiling oil. Before the nominations begin, Bigg Boss announces that contestants can’t nominate, Karanvir Bohra, Romil Chaudhary and Nirmal Singh as they were already nominated by Bigg Boss. Kriti and Roshmi get the power to save one contestant and they extend the privilege to Deepak and Urvashi.

Jasleen and Anup nominate Dipika and Srishty while Urvashi and Deepak choose Neha and Dipika. The Khan sisters also vote against Dipika along with Sreesanth. Romil also picks Dipika while Nirmal nominates Neha. In a turn of events, Karanvir votes against Kriti and discloses the reason to be that she discussed nominations with him which was against the rules. Kriti is shocked while Roshmi is upset that Kriti’s actions will cost her. Shivashish and Sourabh nominate Srishty and Dipika, Deepak and Urvashi went on to nominate Dipika and Neha. Saba and Somi go on to nominate Dipika and Sreesanth

Coming to the singles, Srishty nominates, Anup-Jasleen and Sourabh-Shivashish’s jodis while Dipika votes against Kriti-Roshmi and Anup-Jasleen. Neha votes against Shivashish-Sourabh and explains why and announced her second nomination to be Kriti-Roshmi. Sree’s nominations include Saba-Somi and Roshmi-Kriti. The reasons each housemate shared added to the drama along with the boiling pot of oil next to them.

Saba and Somi voice their frustration as Kriti-Roshmi didn’t keep their word when it came to saving them from the task. Kriti gets tired of listening to the Khan sisters and says, ‘Talk to my hand’. A phrase we’ve heard only a hundred times before in the Bigg Bogg house made its return! The episode ended with Dipika, Neha and Srishty discussing how being nice won’t help them in the future. A lesson they should’ve learnt already, this being the twelfth season but better late than never, right?

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