Dear Sibling, Here’s What I Want To Say This Raksha Bandhan Day

Dear Sibling,

Mommy tells me that when I was in her tummy, you would ask her about me. And unlike other siblings, you weren’t jealous, but excited to meet me. When I was born, you took up the sole responsibility for my life and it came so naturally to you.

Dad never yelled at me when we were growing up. That’s because you had already made the mistakes for me to learn from. You set the path for me, and I wasn’t as scared of dad as I was of disappointing you. Remember the time I took a bus home without informing the family? I can never forget the rage I saw in your eyes that evening. I wish to never see that ever again.

You were the person who bought me my first beer, but yelled at me when I came home very drunk. You let me make my own mistakes instead of protecting me from this world and its atrocities. However, you sat me down and explained why I should or should not do something and let me make my own decision. You once punched a guy who tried to eve-tease me while I was getting in the car. The entire family called you Sanju Bhai thereon, remember that?

You’ve been my pillar of strength, a shoulder to cry on and the mirror I needed whenever I wanted to hear the cold, harsh truth that others would sugar-coat. You always thought I was too good for every guy and that’s why you never liked anyone I dated. FYI, all my boyfriends were extremely petrified of you. I don’t blame them, you did intimidate them with your incessant trick questions.

What a better day than Raksha Bandhan to tell you that you are more to me than anyone else in the world. With a sibling like you, who needs anyone or anything else.  Who said soulmates are people you marry? You are my soulmate and you will always have the right to protect me for the rest of our lives and I strive to do the same.

You are my father, mother, best friend and bhai. So many roles played by one fierce person! You set examples for all the siblings out there.

Happy Raksha Bandhan, sister!

P.S: Just like the movie Frozen, you and I commit an act of true love for each other every day. I love you, soul sister!

Khushi & Karishma

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