How To Style An Ill-Fitted Dress And Make It Look Good

Have you ever picked up a dress just assuming it would look great but later realised that it didn’t work out? Yeah, we all have been there, haven’t we? Just a few days ago the same topic came up on our Malini’s Girl Tribe group on Facebook. And that gave me an idea to create a style guide that would be helpful in such a situation.

The common concerns when you’re in a fix like this possibly happens when the dress is either oversized or short. Instead, if the dress is to tight, I recommend you to exchange it. But if it is loose or short and you don’t want to let it go, then here are some style tricks that can help you get through this tricky situation.

1. If your dress is oversized

TBH, wearing an oversized dress is quite a trend right now. The easy-breezy silhouette works especially well during summer. But if you’re not keen on it, then here are a few things you could do.

– Tailor It To Fit You

This seems to be a go-to option. But even while fittings make sure you find out what kind of alteration you’ll require.
Depending on the type of dress, you can either alter it from your sides or give it darts behind. For example, for a dress with a zipper on the side, if it permits then you can add darts behind.

– Cinch It

Now this one is a quick fix and a styling trick. Add a belt at the waist and loosen your dress over the belt. This styling trick will not only reduce the baggy-ness but will also create some definition.

2. If your dress is short

– Add A Layer

This might be the easiest way to make this work. Add a complementing layer that is longer than your dress. It will add a comforting factor to your OOTD and will look chic too.

– Layer A Skirt Underneath

If you dress allows—that is if it has enough flow to it—then you can add a layer of a complementing skirt underneath. It will not only give you a flare-like volume but also increase the length.

– Wear It As A Top

If you have a bodycon dress then you can easily team it with a skirt and wear it as a top. If you have a flared skirt, then your loose dress can work as a billowy top too. You can team it with tights or leggings too.  At least, this will ensure that it won’t be just lying in your wardrobe.

– Add Extra Fabric Or A Lace At The Hem

For this one, you really need to visualise if this trick will work for your dress style. This might not work for a sheer hem dress or for a dress made from fabrics that can easily get pulled by the weight of it.

These are just some of the ways to work with your ill-fitted dresses that I know would be good style tricks. If you have any other trick up your sleeve, share with us in the comments below.

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