Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone reboot will premiere April 1st on CBS All Access

CBS has set a premiere date for Jordan Peele’s reboot of The Twilight Zone: April 1st. The first two episodes will premiere on CBS All Access, with new episodes to follow each Thursday.

Peele will be one of the show’s executive producers, and he will also host and narrate the show. The timing is apt, as CBS All Access’s other big science fiction revival show, Star Trek: Discovery, should be wrapping up its second season in April, giving subscribers another reason to hang onto their subscription for a bit longer.

Created in 1959 by Rod Sterling, the original Twilight Zone has endured as a classic science fiction anthology series, with each science fiction, fantasy, or horror episode playing out a self-contained, moralistic story, often with a memorable twist. That original series ran until 1963, but there have been a pair of revivals since then. In recent years, shows like Channel 4 and Netflix’s Black Mirror, Amazon’s Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, and Hulu’s Dimension 404 (along with Apple’s in-the-works anthology revival of Amazing Stories) have continued the tradition. We’ll soon see if Peele’s take will live up to its predecessor’s legacy.