Live results for Tuesday’s Massachusetts primaries

Massachusetts voters headed to the polls on Tuesday to choose nominees in races for US Senate, governor, and four key House primaries.

Progressive Sen. Elizabeth Warren will meet Geoff Deihl, a Trump-aligned Republican, in her re-election bid this fall. It’s one she’s expected to easily win. Jay Gonzalez, a former Duval Patrick Democrat, won the fight to face popular Republican Gov. Charlie Baker in November. And Ayanna Pressley, a woman of color, won against Democratic Rep. Michael Capuano, an older, male incumbent.

Given how blue Massachusetts is, the races here are much more about the future of a diversifying Democratic Party than any substantial fears about Republicans winning.

Polls closed at 8 pm ET. Live results are below, powered by Decision Desk.

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Massachusetts US Senate primary

Republicans Geoff Diehl, John Kingston, and Beth Lindstrom are running to compete against Elizabeth Warren

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Diehl, who aligned himself with Trump, emerged from the pack of three Republicans vying for the chance to face Warren in November 2018. He ran on pointing out Warren’s progressivism and the 2020 rumors swirling around her to argue that she won’t adequately represent the state. Warren still has a commanding lead in the general election polling.


Massachusetts governor primary

Republican Gov. Charlier Baker is up for reelection

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Massachusetts voters seem to love Gov. Charlier Baker, who is moderate and speaks out against the Trump administration regularly. He was challenged by little-known conservative Scott Lively. He won, but Lively is pulled in a surprisingly strong vote total.


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Jay Gonzalez won the fight to challenge Baker in the fall. Gonzalez used to serve in state government under then-Gov. Deval Patrick. But Baker will be tough to beat — a recent WBUR poll found that 68 percent of Democratic voters approved of him.


Massachusetts First Congressional District

Rep. Richard Neal vs. Tahirah Amatul-Wadud

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Neal, a 15-term incumbent, wields an influential position in the US House. He’s the ranking member of the House Ways and Means Committee, which formulates tax policy — if Democrats flip the House, he’ll become the chair. He won his primary, where he’s being challenged by first-time candidate and civil rights lawyer Tahirah Amatul-Wadud.


Massachusetts Third Congressional District

Rep. Niki Tsongas is retiring

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With the exit of Tsongas, there’s a huge race to replace her. Even with such a large field, there are a number of very qualified candidates running, including a former US ambassador to Denmark, a Pentagon intelligence analyst, and chiefs of staff to the Boston mayor and a former member of Congress. The three frontrunners appear to be Daniel Koh, Rufus Gifford, and Lori Trahan — but with such a large field, anything could happen. The winner will face the lone Republican, CEO Rick Green.


Massachusetts Seventh Congressional District

Rep. Michael Capuano vs. Ayanna Pressley

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Pressley, a 44-year-old Boston city councilor, ran on issues including Medicare-for-all and has gotten support from national progressive groups. Her campaign is focused on her lived experience as a person of color and her promises to fight for progressive issues and represent diverse groups of constituents. Capuano conceded not long after polls closed.


Massachusetts Eighth Congressional District

Rep. Stephen Lynch vs. Brianna Wu vs. Christopher Voehl

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Lynch has been in office since 2001 successfully fielded a challenge from video game developer Wu and Air Force veteran Voehl. Wu drew a lot of attention a few years ago for being one of the female gamers targeted by online trolls in Gamergate.


Correction: This post has been updated for accurate poll closing times.