MTV’s Show, Elovator Pitch Encourages Same-Sex Romance

India has witnessed a new ray of hope for the often discriminated and subjugated sections of society after the ruling on Section 377. People with sexual orientations and identities, different from what was considered the norm are not wary of coming forward revealing their true desires. It’s time we accept, acknowledge and celebrate them well and that’s what MTV is doing with its new show.

For Elovator Pitch, the makers have broken the clutter and brought homosexuals on national television, for the first time ever. The speed-dating reality show will showcase people with different sexual orientations coming and pitching a date to people of the same sex. Elovator Pitch that focuses on guys and girls pitching a date to their counterparts in an elevator, adds a unique twist to the concept and welcomes young hearts across all walks of life to experience the flirtatious ride like never before.

The show will be hosted by VJ Cyrus Sahukar and VJ Gaelyn Mendonca and will celebrate equality of all genders with love and pride.

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