Ninebot built a kit that converts Segways into go-karts

Now that hoverboards are quickly becoming toys of the past, it seems like Segway-Ninebot is busy reinventing the wheel on rideables. After Segway introduced e-skates last month, Ninebot (Segway’s parent company) is reportedly preparing to show off a new kit that attaches to its scooters to convert them into drivable go-karts.

According to a report by Abacus News, Ninebot teased the promotional photos on Weibo this week. The kit appears to add seating, brakes, front bumper, steering wheel, and rear wheels to a Segway miniPRO. The seat can apparently be adjusted to fit the driver’s height, with photos showing both an adult and a child driving the retrofitted Segway. The company hasn’t offered any further information on price and availability.

Hacking a Segway to turn it into a go-kart isn’t a particularly new idea. Enterprising YouTubers have previously attached chairs to their Segway miniPRO to make their scooters driveable.

Abacus reports that Segway-Ninebot could be introducing the go-kart kit as early as July 24th in Los Angeles — just a little over a month before it’s scheduled to show off the Drift W1 e-skates at IFA 2018 in Berlin. We’ve contacted the company to confirm and will update if we hear back. For what it’s worth, a child-friendly go-kart might be the safest thing Segway’s encouraged anyone to ride on in years given its track record for injuries, which includes former Segway owner Jim Hedelsen who died after accidentally riding the scooter off a cliff.