Saif & Kareena Took A Holiday With Airbnb And It Looks Straight Out Of A Fairytale! Watch Now

The true essence of a holiday comes through when you actually enjoy every single moment you spend while on it. Every holiday should be like a fairytale or a dream come true. If you think that’s asking for too much, think again! Just like Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor planned their dreamy and picturesque holiday, you too can, thanks to Airbnb.

A Holiday With A Personality

Everyone is unique and has their own personalities. Something a lot of people may not know is that your personality plays a huge role in defining the kind of holiday you choose to take. In Saif and Kareena’s case, while he has a certain calm and sophistication to him, Kareena has a very vivacious and lively personality to her. When both their personalities came together, they finally decided that Windsor was the place they wanted to go to because it was a harmonious representation of them both. That’s the true essence of a dream holiday. Every place has a story and a personality and you should be able to connect with the place. If you don’t, you’re going to be left wanting more. This is exactly why they choose Airbnb as well. Airbnb has one of the widest options to choose from and each place has a story and a personality that truly connects with your soul.

Everyone Needs A Break

Saif & Kareena | Airbnb

In today’s time, given the kind of fast-paced lives we live, taking a break has become almost essential. Saif & Kareena lead extremely busy lives and are always occupied in back-to-back projects. For them, getting away from the daily hustle and bustle that the city offers, is a welcomed change. Through Airbnb, they were able to book their dream holiday, which allowed them to spend some much-needed quality time with each other. The same goes for all of us. We’re often so busy, we forget to realise that we need a break to just get away from everything and break out of our routines. Like Saif said, travel can be great if you just have an open mind! Booking an Airbnb is super easy and the best part is that it lets you customise it exactly the way you want. This way, you can make sure that every holiday you plan, is exactly the way you dreamt it to be.

Saif & Kareena | Airbnb

A holiday is more than just a get away from things, it’s an experience and a memory that stays with us for our life. Making it memorable is something you owe yourself. So why compromise on it? With over millions of places to choose from and being able to customise your holiday exactly the way you envision it, Airbnb allows you to book more than just a holiday. It allows you to book an experience of a lifetime, every time. The best part? There’s always an Airbnb for everyone.

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