Tesla is bringing back its wireless smartphone charger at a discount

Tesla has started informing customers that its wireless smartphone charger, which quickly went out of stock late last month, will be returning to its online store at a roughly $15 discount, with the electric car maker citing a larger manufacturing quantity as the reason for the price drop. Owners of the charger have been posting Tesla’s email regarding the charger on Twitter, although the company has yet to officially confirm it. The device originally went on sale through Tesla’s website in late August at $65, featuring a sleek and Apple-like design in white or black, a 6,000 mAh battery for charging, and 5W of output.

Those specs aren’t stellar, considering you can get larger capacity chargers with twice the rate of charging output for less money on Amazon. But given the Tesla brand appeal — and the fact that this was a wireless charger (although it includes an integrated USB-C plug and USB-A port for standard charging) — it makes sense that it sold out fast. Plus, it’s a very nice-looking gadget.

Tesla’s message says it will refund current owners of the charger the $16 difference between the two price points. The company did not specify, however, when the discounted version would be back in stock at its online store. Tesla was not immediately available for comment.