This smart lock gives you five ways to unlock your door

One smart lock company has attempted to outdo them all by making a smart lock that has five ways of unlocking it. Lockly’s new Secure Pro smart lock is available for pre-order today for $299.99 and should ship within the next two months.

The Secure Pro has a keypad that generates numbers in random order every time you need to enter your passcode. Each input on the keypad is actually three numbers, so even if someone watches along as you tap the code in, they likely wouldn’t be able to guess what you’ve entered.

Besides the keypad, there’s a fingerprint scanner and a way to unlock through either Lockly’s mobile app or through voice assistant command. And if all else fails, there’s a physical lock you can open with a regular key.

To let guests in, you can give them access codes generated by Lockly’s app, which the company claims are “offline” and therefore safer from any potential hacking.

Completing the theme of trying to outdo everyone, the lock is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant now, and the company says it will work with Apple’s HomeKit platform later this year. While it doesn’t have a voice assistant built-in, its compatibility with two, soon to be three major assistants means that it can basically work with most smart homes. The Silicon Valley-based company launched a smart lock that already had most of these features back in September but the Secure Pro improves on its predecessor, the Secure Plus, by adding the voice assistant capabilities.

Five ways to unlock a smart lock is arguably five ways to get your lock picked and your home burglarized, but Lockly says its methods are the most secure available. If anything, it should keep any would-be burglars stumped for a few minutes, at least.

Photos by Shannon Liao / The Verge