Travel Tuesday: Saumya Tandon Explores The Gorgeous City Of London

Saumya Tandon is one of the most beautiful TV actresses. She has acted in multiple television soaps, has hosted quite a few reality shows too and has a huge fan following. Saumya also loves travelling and recently took a trip to the stunning city of London! She clicked stunning photos of the city giving us a peek at her amazing vacay!

Talking about her holiday she said:

British weather is infamous for being unpredictable, but it is just this unpredictability that can render different shades to the same landscape in one single day! Also, summers in London can be the most beautiful, and this summer was exceptional. It’s September, ideally autumn but summer days do show up and I am making full use of them. Long walks in the countryside is top on my ‘to do’ list here always, and if one can step out just a little bit from London, then the beauty is mesmerising.

Talking further about why she likes the city, she said:

Population of London seems to be rising every time I come here, but the only respite from the hustle bustle are the greens! And many a times, even in the middle of the most populated area, one will find a small park or lake or a pond or a small branch of Thames tucked away quietly. One such place is Bedfont lakes just by the airport. To sight a plane while on its way down can be an exciting sound but, for people living here it can be a bit of a nuisance and just then this 72.5  acre approx Bedfont lakes provides that quiet morning walk that I spoke about. Walking to the humming sound of wild fauna and flora is precious. Step out a bit and walk from the woods of Maidenhead to Marlow is just heavenly. Step out further out to Suffolk and Norfolk – usually beach towns but the small hamlets of 50 household max – mostly farms is just amazing! No internet connection – bliss! Really cut off from the reel- real world.

Have a look!

Saumya Tandon – London Diaries

That sounds like a dream detox vacay to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, doesn’t it?

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