“Women In Our Country Have Been Told To Not Make A Big Deal Out Of Harassment” – Tanushree Dutta

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must know about the wave of #MeToo movement that’s hit India recently. Tanushree Dutta‘s recent revelations about Nana Patekar harassing her on the sets of a film called, Horn Ok Pleasssss opened the floodgates of conversations around the incident. While her story got the support that it couldn’t all those years ago, it also opened her up to multiple ‘legal notices, mob attacks, slut-shaming and smear campaigns’. The accused along with the other men whose names Tanushree disclosed have come forward to deny the allegations as well. The actress has however received support from people and women who believe her and has also given the courage to many other survivors who have called out perpetrators for their heinous acts too.

There has been a lot said and done about Tanushree and her seeking justice for what she had to bear. The actress made a recent appearance on a News talk show hosted by Arnab Goswami.

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The actress addressed all the allegations she has made and also spoke out about the legal battles she was facing along with the scary mob attacks made on her. She explains in detail the ordeal she faced eight years ago and how harassment is perceived and treated in the country.

It is sickening to see the ordeal so many women have faced in their lives and it is also inspiring to see the strength they have shown.

We salute the courageous women like Tanushree who have come forward to talk about the horrific incidents they’ve faced and had to stay quiet all this while. Sexual assaulters deserve to be unmasked and it is high time they understand that they can’t get away with it. Not anymore.

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