YouTube TV goes down (again) during World Cup

YouTube TV is currently experiencing a service outage. The downtime began during today’s World Cup game between Croatia and England, marking the second time in recent months that the app has had problems during a high-profile live event. In May, YouTube TV had a similar service disruption during the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

YouTube says it’s “working to be up and running again ASAP.” In the meantime, customers should be able to stream the World Cup by authenticating with their YouTube TV credentials inside the Fox Sports Go mobile app or website.

Several of the major internet TV platforms have dealt with outages at the worst possible times for their customers. These issues need to stop happening if they want to be seen as a viable replacement for traditional cable. Cable or satellite subscribers aren’t suddenly finding themselves unable to watch the World Cup — and this is just the sort of thing that will keep many people from switching, even with the added flexibility and benefits of the streaming TV services that should otherwise be putting them ahead of the old model.

Do better, YouTube. And Sling TV. And PlayStation Vue. And Hulu.